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For Those Full of Emo, and Haiku

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*pokes* Is it dead? [Jan. 7th, 2009|09:03 pm]
For Those Full of Emo, and Haiku


We were only kids.
So much time has passed since then,
You'd think it'd hurt less.

Again, that feeling
Of sinking weighs my chest down:
Real, physical pain.

It starts when I search.
I read once that's part of grief,
Obsessive searching.

Remember scanning
To find that green Toyota?
That lasted a year.

It's gotten better.
I still search the web sometimes,
But only idly.

You know what's crazy?
I think she's moved to London.
Maybe I just hope.

If she's that far gone,
Maybe I can get gone, too,
From then into now.